Outdoor Unit Relocation at Plymouth Science Park

Leaky flat roofs seem to cause problems as the seasonal deluge of rain finds its way through small splits in roof membranes and into the building interior. Water ingress is an annoyance as it is not always obvious where the point of entry is; water has a tendency to...

We are now a DAIKIN D1 Business Partner

Air Improve Ltd have recently been awarded D1 Business Partner status by DAIKIN UK, the UK’s number 1 air conditioning supplier. DAIKIN UK supplies heating, cooling and refrigeration solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications. They have a wide...

Minimum Efficiency Standards Regulations

Landlords and commercial building owners be warned, from April 2018 buildings with Energy Performance Certificates below band F will NOT be allowed to be let to new occupants or RENEW existing contracts with tenants. This is the basis of the Minimum Efficiency...
Air Conditioning Installer in Plymouth & Winchester.

Air Conditioning Installation

Once a system is designed and the client is happy to proceed, Air Improve Limited can begin the process of installing the equipment. We install all types of air conditioning and ventilation systems throughout the whole of the UK. Each system is very different to the next one depending on the environment it is due to be used in, frequency of use and also what the general requirements for the system are, i.e. to cool only, or cool and heat etc (view design services).

The Sales Engineer who you deal with will make sure you get the right system for your requirements every time and is qualified to answer any questions you may have. Accredited by HVCA, Safe Contractor, Construction Line and Refcom, Air Improve is fully qualified to give you the best advice possible.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Plymouth & Winchester.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance is a vital tool in prolonging the life and efficiency of your air conditioning equipment. We find using the analogy of purchasing a car is the best way to show the benefits of maintenance. If you did, it wouldn’t be long before the car started experiencing problems. Air conditioning is no different. In fact, to make sure the warranty (which is up to 7 years with some manufacturers) is not void, you must have the equipment serviced as per the manufacturers guide lines at least once a year.

Regular maintenance is also not just to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. The EU has recently revised the refrigerant leak checking criteria for HFC R410a from 3kg to 2.4kg once a year, based on potential CO2 emissions following the accidental release of refrigerant to atmosphere and the Global Warming Potential (GWP). The onus is on the operator and Service Provider to keep and maintain records for up to five years to ensure that the systems are being checked (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/f-gas-in-refrigeration-air-conditioning-and-fire-protection-systems).

Air Conditioning Repair in Plymouth & Winchester.

Air Conditioning Repair

We like to think that if you have your equipment regularly serviced, the system stands an increased chance of performing to its highest efficiency without any problems. However, we are dealing with technology and we all know technology sometimes doesn’t want to work the way we would like it to. Air Improve Limited has a dedicated breakdown team who are on hand to make sure that if your air conditioning equipment is playing up, it will be repaired and back performing how it should in no time.

Many other air conditioning companies incorporate their breakdown cover in the cost of their maintenance contract. However, Air Improve do not believe we should be charging for something the client may not actually need or benefit from, so we keep our proactive (maintenance) and reactive (breakdowns or repairs) cover separate.

Air Conditioning Call Outs

Our call out service is provided from Monday to Friday during standard business hours unless an agreement / contract is already in place. Our engineers carry the latest F-GAS licenses to work on all refrigeration systems, along with manufacturer accreditation’s  so be assured that you have experts looking after you. We are proud that we have a lightning quick and highly efficient team, all based in Plymouth and Winchester, unlike other contractors, we can provide repair work whether we have installed your air con systems or not, we will attend your site and try to help with issues you may be experiencing. To arrange a call out, call us now! Our service helps serve our clients who have critical cooling systems, from residential wine cellar systems to humidity controlled air conditioning in data centers and HVAC mechanical.

Air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair.

Recent Testimonials

“Air Improve have maintained the air conditioning system in our Romsey office for many years, but they excelled themselves when assisting with the fit out of our new offices in Portishead. Their professionalism, attention to detail and friendliness made all the hard work much easier to deal with.”

Allison Osborne – Thrive Architects Limited

Recent Testimonials

“They arrived to look at the village hall, they brought all the equipment, they spent around 7 hours putting it together and got it working and they went away. How can you improve on perfection? Our hall has never been as warm so our thanks to the staff who made all our lives perfect in the hall.”

Jim Freestone

Recent Testimonials

“Air Improve maintain the 4 air con units at our main building. They are reliable and efficient and their engineers are friendly and approachable. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Kevin Priday

Recent Testimonials

“From initial set up to completion of job the staff and the service we received was unbeatable. Never have to forget about it being serviced as they remind us each year and the price for the yearly service is worth every penny.”

Matthew Bullock

Recent Testimonials

“First class act from start to finish, very professional attitude. Great install, RAMS excellent and communication always available. Would not hesitate to use or recommend.”

John Crawford – Boden Group

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