Air Source Heat Pump Installed in Plymouth.Air Improve can install new efficient heating systems including air source heat pumps across the South of England including Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire and London. We work in towns and cities such as, Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Plymouth, Truro, Torquay and Exeter to provide you with a great service.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are considered as Renewable Energy Technology.

An air source heat pump extracts heat from outside using the refrigeration cycle. You can then use this recovered heat for warm air convectors, under-floor heating systems or radiators. The air source heat pump works similarly to a fridge. It can absorb heat from the air even when temperatures drop below freezing. Although they require electricity to run, the heat extracted from the air is renewed constantly.

Heat pumps give off a lower level of heat than gas and oil boilers but they run over longer periods of time to maintain a constant temperature within the property. During winter months, they can be running all the time to ensure your home is heated efficiently. You will notice that radiators will be cooler to touch than conventional central heating as these systems operate at 46ºC. Therefore a greater surface area is require to emit the heat effectively, so they work best with under-floor heating.

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

The refrigerant within the system absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant then passes through a compressor and expansion valve which changes the state of the refrigerant by altering the volume and pressure. The refrigerant then heats the water in the heating circuit via a heat exchanger. Water pumps then circulate the warm water to the heat emitters and to a hot water storage cylinder then to the taps.

There are 2 types of air source heat pumps used. These are air to water and air to air. Air to water operates in a very similar manner to a conventional ‘wet’ central heating system using a Air Source Heat Pump rather than a boiler to generate the heat. Air to air systems use fan coils to transfer the heat to air inside the property. These systems will provide cooling and dehumidification as well as heating. Residential Air to Air don’t provide usually provide you with hot water.

Is an Air Source Heat Pump right for me?

There are a few important factors to consider when thinking about installing an air source heat pump. Firstly, you need a location outside your property where the unit can be fitted to a wall or on the ground. The outdoor units vary in size depending on the capacity required. Air source heat pumps produce heat at a lower temperature so to ensure maximum efficiency, your home must be well insulated to keep the heat in. Switching from an oil or coal heating system will ensure the new system provides a return on your investment. A heat pump may not be worth switching if you’re using mains gas. Finally, if you are working on a new building, the installation can be combined with other building work to save money.

Savings from Air Source Heat Pumps

The amount of money you save from installing air source heat pumps depends on various factors. If you have the opportunity to install underfloor heating, it can be more efficient than installing radiators. If you can’t do this, larger radiators providing a greater surface area are necessary or radiators fitted with fans. Although you will still have to pay to run the heat pump on electricity, you will save money on the replaced fuel. Depending on how efficient your old heating system was, you may see significantly lower running costs. If your heat pump is giving you hot water too, this could limit the efficiency at times of peak demand. It is important to understand and control the system correctly to maximise on the efficiency. Heat pumps will need to run for longer hours but you can set the thermostat lower.

Air Source Heat Pump Installer in Winchester.Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance and Getting a Quote

Heat pump systems usually have a warranty of 3 to 5 years. Air Improve can continue to provide maintenance for long after this time though as you can expect 10 years or more of operation with scheduled maintenance. If you’re interested in an air source heat pump installation in Devon, Cornwall & Hampshire, you can contact Air Improve using the links below.

Air Source Heat Pumps
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