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My  passion for reducing the human impact on the planet while still understanding our unquenchable thirst for development and progress led me to  undertake a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Plymouth University, which I took to masters level. This programme focuses heavily on renewable energy and energy conservation with most of my group project work being real world projects based around renewable energy. These included a tidal lagoon similar to the one under construction in Swansea Bay and a carbon neutral housing development for Totnes.

Air Improve is a company that embraces and consolidates this need for technology and the comfort of people in everyday life.

Providing knowledge, increased comfort and subsequently, the increased productivity of people is a key element in my plan for new business development.

The development of the efficient heat exchangers used on both the ventilation and air conditioning systems has been such that they are now considered a renewable energy source. This falls in line with my ethical position.

In my limited free time I like to read fiction novels and drink coffee, a lot of coffee. I regularly go to the cinema and walk as much as I possibly can. I am a keen scuba diver…in the summer.

Daryl Oosthuizen

I attended the Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall, reading for a Bachelors’ degree in Mining Engineering. I then continued my studies for a Masters’ in Minerals Engineering at CSM and three other universities around Europe, with the Federation of European Mineral Programs.

After university I had several jobs working as an expatriate metallurgist in Zambia and Cote d’Ivoire. Alongside these I also started to study project management, as I really enjoyed that facet of my jobs.

After several years working abroad I felt it was time to return to the U.K. Throughout my career I had always enjoyed identifying and running projects of all sizes, and following my enjoyment of the thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and ventilation modules at university I thought that the career path with Air Improve was perfect.

I have always maintained a busy life, both at work and at home. Amongst my many hobbies I particularly enjoy following the football, rugby and formula 1, with plenty of time spent playing football, my favoured position is as the goalkeeper. I am also an avid gamer both console and P.C. as well as card and board games. Cooking is also a big part of my life; I particularly enjoy experimenting and hosting friends and family.


Latest team members
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