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Xk4AKIXyxq2hi8TuRs8RsU0r2ruLBaAPSwre01Re-RoAir Improve Ltd are specialists in replacing Air Handling Units of any size, mainly in commercial environments.

In the commercial sense, Air Handling Units, or AHU’s are considered to be the lungs of the building, providing tempered, fresh air to occupants. Therefore, it is vital that these systems are operational and maintained in good order.

Generally the existing AHU is a large box, built in the following sections:

1. Air Inlet Damper.
2. Pre-heat coil.
3. Filter chamber usually with panels and bags.
4. Fan motor.
5. Fan, typically belt driven forward, or backward curved, centifugal type.
6. Primary Heating Coil.
7. Cooling Coil.
8. Humidifier (not so common these days).

Sometimes the Air Handling Units provide the supply of fresh air and extract of stale air either stacked on top of each other, or side by side. With this you may well find that there is a heat recovery section in the centre of the whole unit.

CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) suggests that the life expectancy of this equipment is between 15 and 20 years depending on a whole number of variables i.e. whether the system is mounted interanlly or externally, operating hours, how well it has been maintained etc.

Our Services.

If you are thinking about replacing one or a number of Air Handling Units there are a number of things to consider, which we can help with.

Firstly, is the unit going to be serving the same purpose? If so, is it possible to refurbish the existing systems and bring them up to current standards?

These questions can be answered during our first visit to site.

Initial Review and Feedback.

During our visit we ascertain as much information about the systems as possible and the peripheral devices. With all building services the most important thing to consider when planning the replacement of these systems are the controls. These are the brains which will ultimately enable you to manage how efficiently the system will operate. Investing in a good control system will provide operational savings which will contribute the extra investment. In certain industry sectors there are funding schemes available to assist with reducing carbon emissions.

Feasibility Study and Quotation.

lvyhUaGAQwhA_-Cx7QUOam7RLMZVCY0s-GR5LUHfcgsHaving considered the options in terms of plant and controls requirements, the physical constraints of the building need to be considered e.g. how do we remove the old unit and get the new one in, or parts and materials to refurbish the original.

Air Handling Units can be built on site, the panels in flat pack and the components in crates which can be maneuvered through a single door width.

Sometimes it is quicker and easier to take the roof off the plant room, if there are time constraints on the number of hours the system can be out of action for.

During this phase we may require additional visits back to site to gather more information particularly with the air handling unit manufacturer, controls specialist and other members of our team.

Our quotation will include all our recommendations, various options and an outline project programme for you to consider.

Planning and Tendering.

Once you are happy to proceed we will provide a detailed project programme, detailed 3D working drawings and we will start the ball-rolling.

To demonstrate best value we can produce tender documentation for the procurement of the air handling equipment and organise site visits to see example of their equipment.

Project Management.

We provide a dedicated project manager to oversee each project and ensure that we stay one step ahead at all times. Everyone knows that even with the best possible intentions, things don’t always go to plan. As true engineers we are excellent at finding timely solutions, whilst under pressure leading to a successful outcome.

Procurement and Construction Design Management (CDM)

1YxHrmD4LbP2Yj1r0NEEucpHWboAIQfkVz2muLUE0WAThe detailed project programme will highlight the ‘critical path’ and milestones to ensure that long lead items are delivered on time to ensure the smooth running of the project.

We have the skills to manage CDM and provide notification to the Health and Safety Executive depending on the scale of the project.

We believe that risk to Health and Safety should be designed out as far as possible at design stage. Air Improve Ltd. carries Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £1 million to cover our consultancy, design and advice.

Commissioning, Setup and Handover.

This is arguably the most important aspect of the project. All too often the timescale for this element is compressed due to delays on previous elements. With careful planning we always have a contigency plan in place to ensure that the commissioning, setup and handover are undertaken.

It can not be overstated enough that if the customer is confident in using the system they will get the best out of it. This will be reflected in the operational efficiency and the longevity of the system.

We take pride in providing site specific handover documentation relevant to the system installed. This may form part of building log book on larger projects.

We appreciate that we may have to be on hand whilst the customer becomes familiar with the equipment to answer any queries and perhaps return to site to provide reassurance and sort out any teething troubles.