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Daikin Air Conditioning Approved Installer.


Daikin Air Conditioning units remove potentially harmful allergens and exhaust fumes from urban air making sure your room maintains a perfect balance. The controls are easy to use and allow room by room fine tuning as well as remote monitoring using the internet. Some of the advanced Daikin units recover lost heat from air conditioning installations and refrigeration. They have units that come work in various environments including warehouses, factories and plants as well as commercial premises. Daikin also have quiet units perfect for restaurants and other businesses where noise reduction is important.

Daikin features an under ceiling cassette, an ideal solution for rooms, shops or offices without false ceilings. £3,000 – £4,000* per installed unit.


Fujitsu Air Conditioning Approved Installer.


Fujitsu offers floor standing, wall, ceiling, window mounted, ceiling cassette or discreet ducted split air conditioning systems. Fujitsu are proud of their product design and reliability with on board computers giving better performance. Maintaining a comfortable working environment is important in getting the most out of employees. Fujitsu split air conditioning systems allow an outside installation resulting in noise reduction inside. If you want to add a heat pump to that, you can get heating as well as cooling in the room.

The 3D Airflow Cassette offers a 360° air pattern. This ensures a uniform distribution of the temperature and air flow over the entire space, these are ideal for large office spaces or classrooms. £2,400 – £3,700* per installed unit.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Approved Installer.


Mitsubishi have efficient air conditioning equipment to cool, heat, ventilate and control your buildings. They offer advanced systems with internet control as well as individual systems. You will receive superb technical support as well as a lengthy warranty. Mitsubishi are also passionate about the environmental impact of their air conditioning and have committed to reduce emissions from manufacturing and operations. Features power inverter splits that allow for longer pipe runs or mismatched pipework sizes, Excellent for replacing old or broken down R22 systems. £2,400 – £3,300* per installed unit.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Approved Installer.

mitsubishielectric1Mitsubishi Electric

Features a stainless steel ceiling suspended system that has an easily cleanable casing that protects the system from oil and smoke. Ideal for harsh environments like kitchens and garages. £3,550-£3,650* per installed unit.

Samsung Air Conditioning Approved Installer.


Samsung have a unique triangular design that improves performance and circulates cool air at a quicker rate and further than older models. The digital inverter improves the energy efficiency of the unit too. Samsung air conditioners are designed to be efficient from the ground up. The triangular design features a wider inlet and outlet with more air being drawn in and expelled out. Samsung air conditioners begin cooling fast with a Fast Cool mode before changing to a Comfort Cool mode to maintain the temperature required. This ensures you don’t have to keep changing the settings or turning the air conditioner on and off.

Features the first circular cassette, with a 360 degree airflow. This elegant design can fit in harmoniously with any interior design.

Toshiba Air Conditioning Approved Installer.


Toshiba have a wide range of air conditioning units and systems featuring advanced technology. They have a Super Digital Inverter that is perfect for restaurants, offices and other situations where you want to maintain the aesthetic of a room. Many of their units feature a modern flat panel design designed to fit in with the look of a workplace or home. You can choose an air conditioning unit that generates extremely low noise and has various fan speed settings so you can choose the right temperature for you.