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Why do I want Air Conditioning?

In April, a census was taken and it said that an estimated 49% of the workforce was working from home. At present, the vast majority of the workforce is still currently working from home, even after the easing of lockdown, and will be for the foreseeable future.Statistics from the ONS showed that, in 2015, 4.2 million people across a range of sectors worked from home, and businesses both small and large are increasingly adopting the remote working strategy into their model.

As home working becomes more common and summers get warmer there is no better time to look at air conditioning for your home. There is nothing worse than trying to work all day when the room is warm and stuffy. Studies show that keeping the room between 20-21 degrees centigrade is optimal for productivity and if the room is a lot warmer than that, concentration levels drop dramatically.

Air Conditioning Basics

Before we continue, let me explain how an air conditioning system works. Simply put, an air conditioning system either cools or heats the room and circulates the air around the room it serves. It removes some of the humidity in the room, as well as filters the dust and pollutants from the air. To avoid boring you with lengthy explanations, there is a diagram below that may assist you with how air conditioning works (Diagram 1).

Diagram 1

Why Air Conditioning and why us?

A common misconception is that Air Conditioning is just cooling or heating, when it can do much more, such as:-

1. Removes humidity from the air – reducing the humidity means reducing the amount of moisture in the air and that helps prevent things like rust and mould from occurring.

2. Better air quality – Air conditioners circulate and filter air, removing pollutants and mould from the air. This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies and asthma because it minimises the irritants that trigger an attack.Some air conditioning systems can inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to you and your family’s general well-being.

3. Fewer insects and parasites – Ticks and fleas thrive in moist conditions. As above air conditioning dries out the air meaning that they cannot survive more than a few days in climate controlled conditions.

4. Easier sleep – Sleeping in a room with a temperature of about 20 degrees centigrade is the optimum for a good sleep. When it is warmer than this it raises your heart rate and blood pressure meaning that your body may not go into the deeper states of sleep and wake up un-refreshed.

5. Prevents electronic devices from overheating – phones and computers we depend on daily can suffer serious meltdowns when the temperature goes up leading to loss of data and an overall shorter lifespan. If your place of work includes computer servers, they can be completely destroyed or at least suffer major damage if not kept cool enough, even more important in Server Rooms and Data Centres.

In short air conditioning produces comfortable conditions meaning the working efficiency or sleep of a person stays at the optimal level throughout the day and night leaving you more refreshed.

Why US

1. We offer free surveys and free quotations

2. We offer air conditioning andventilation installation, maintenance and repair work.

3. We have the capabilities to install air conditioning and ventilation systems from residential clients to large scale offices, factories, retail and commercial premises – the list is almost endless! Some of our clients include – ITV, Hampshire Mezzanine Floors, SAS Ceilings, British Stroke Association, even Royalty.

4. We like to meet our customer face to face normally to provide you with the best service and advice possible and to complete a thorough survey of the property. As a result of the current situation we are happy to work with you remotely at the start to reduce the contact as much as possible before the unit is installed.