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I was born in Brazil and moved to Portugal at the age of 13; where I would finish my secondary education and decided that since I have always loved the idea of working with renewable energy sources my Engineering degree had to be related to it.

I finished my degree in Mechanical Engineering specifically related to Project, Installation and Maintenance of Thermal Systems. I worked at a HVAC contractor in Portugal for a year and when my wife finished her nursing degree we made plans and moved to the UK to pursue our careers.

Air Improve has been providing a family environment; as well as necessary training, support and development in my short period with them. The possibility of running projects and using renewable energy in the form of air source heat pumps for heating and cooling interests me. My challenge is to develop my own client base and expand my knowledge of the Building Services Engineering industry. In the ethos of Air Improve, I’m looking forward to building long term relationships with my clients and helping them solve their climate control issues this will be a rewarding experience for me. I look forward to a successful future with Air Improve.

I’m a person that likes to maintain an active lifestyle. I love to travel, get to know different cultures and their traditions, watch movies, play football and I have only recently discovered in my mid 20’s that I love snowboarding (we don’t get much snow in Brazil!).

Iuri Fonseca