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Since the ban on R22 refrigerant in 2015 and the phasing out of R410A refrigerant over the next few years it is a good idea to understand of the current and future status of your air-conditioning equipment. We can help with putting together phase out plans, free of charge. We will visit your site and assess the equipment condition and then we will be able to provide a reasonable ‘life expectancy’. We will assess the area the equipment serves to determine whether a greater or lesser level of cooling/heating is required and whether any modifications can be suggested to operate the equipment more efficiently. If a like for like replacement is required, we may be able to use ‘replacement technology’ developed by the equipment manufacturers enabling the reuse of the existing services. This obviously saves time and money thus reducing installation cost and any downtime to your business.

If, in the unfortunate event, you have failed to identify this risk and your equipment has suddenly failed, we are on hand to get you sorted out as quickly as possible. In general terms our equipment suppliers can deliver next day during normal working hours, so if it’s an emergency we can react quickly and get services resumed.

Server rooms are critical areas as they can quickly overheat, causing the I.T. equipment to shut down. This can totally disrupt your business resulting in massive downtime particularly you have large numbers of staff. Also, the damage to I.T. equipment is expensive, it may appear at first that the equipment comes back online successfully, but because the processors have experienced high temperatures their life expectancy has been affected i.e. causing them to fail prematurely.

Air Improve always advise on a backup plan in the event of cooling failure, whether this be hire, or purchase of mobile cooling equipment; a backup ventilation system to remove some of the heat; or a secondary backup system operating on a rotational duty cycle, depending on the risk to your business.

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