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Server Room Air Conditioning Installation

2016-07-28 08.56.03Air Conditioning Installation

Once a system is designed and the client is happy to proceed, Air Improve Limited can begin the process of installing the equipment. We install all types of air conditioning and ventilation systems throughout the whole of the UK. Each system is very different to the next one depending on the environment it is due to be used in, frequency of use and also what the general requirements for the system are, i.e. to cool only, or cool and heat etc (as explained above in ‘Design’).

The Sales Engineer who you deal with will make sure you get the right system for your requirements every time and is qualified to answer any questions you may have. Accredited by HVCA, Safe Contractor, Construction Line and Refcom, Air Improve is fully qualified to give you the best advice possible.

While most of our installation work comprises of Daikin equipment, we also deal with Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Samsung and Toshiba to name but a few. There is not really a brand of air conditioning we haven’t installed!

Please feel free to look through some of our case studies for more information on our installations.


Technology has embedded itself into our way of living, doing things that makes life so much easier and increases our standard of living. We have information at our fingertips, we have self driving cars, Artificial Intelligence, cloud-based storage and servers. The majority of our society is run or dependent on some form of technology.

With most of our society running on technology, it requires servers and server rooms that are meant for storing and processing all the information it gets. These systems use lots of energy and therefore create lots of excess heat. If they were left to their own devices the servers would overheat causing system crashes, malfunctions, data loss and file corruption. This can lead to significant downtime for businesses and can cause serious issues with data loss if there are no backups. One of the main ways to protect servers and server rooms is to install Air Conditioning thus ensuring they are kept at a cool steady temperature, as well as removing some humidity in the air which reduces the buildup of dust one the equipment. Air Conditioning will keep the servers running efficiently and smoothly.

No matter the size of the server room we can design the right system for you.

We supply and install a vast array of cooling capacities from small wall mounted units up to large Data Centres using CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) supplying the air underneath the floor to keep the Server Room at the optimum temperature.

The diagram opposite shows Hot-Aisle Containment which is the recommended method of cooling medium to large Data Centres. This method supplies cooled air through an elevated floor either through floor grilles or directly into the bottom of server racks. The warm air rises to the ceiling where the CRAC units intake the air from high level.

If you would like more information please contact us as we are ready, willing and able to assist you in finding the right solution for your business.