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Ventilation Installation in Plymouth & Winchester.We can also provide assistance with any ventilation, dehumidification and humidification requirements you may have.

What is ventilation?

  • Simply described as the circulation of air.

For the extraction of stale, overheated or contaminated air and the supply and distribution of fresh air in the amounts required to provide healthy, safe and comfortable conditions for the occupants of a room.

Why do we need it?

  • To improve the conditions within an enclosed space.
  • To create an environment which stimulates occupants to a higher efficiency.
  • To protect products from deteriorating.
  • To protect buildings from deteriorating.

For example; when considering a store room, the purpose of the ventilation would be to reduce the deterioration of the product. Consumables have a certain shelf life; all we can do is to ensure that the recommended storage guidelines for the product are met. If the store room has mixed consumable’s then work to the most perishable first. Ventilation on its own may not be sufficient to meet the requirements and other processes such as dehumidifying/humidifying or air conditioning may need to be considered. A store room may have chemicals in storage that require ventilation. Battery rooms require ventilation to prevent build up of gases such as hydrogen and to keep the temperature correct to prolong the life of the batteries.

Ventilation Installer in Plymouth & Winchester.Similarly deterioration can occur to the fabric of a building if there is not adequate ventilation e.g. moisture concentration as a result of a shower, or moisture entering the building through the roof or walls etc. Again, dehumidification maybe a better consideration than ventilation, dependent on the scale of the problem. Air Improve Limited was started in 1982 in Winchester, Hampshire moving a few years later to The Company initially started selling air cleaners (hence the name Air Improve) and quickly progressed onto selling, installing and maintaining air conditioning and ventilation equipment. Air Improve has seen steady growth and opened a new office in Plymouth in 2004.

Other Services Important to include:

Controls – design and replacement of Building Services Control Systems.

Air Handling Unit selection and replacement. Also Maintenance and repair.

Chiller Replacement.

Ducted air conditioning systems.

Dehumidification and Humidification for moisture sensitive areas and equipment.

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