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Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Winchester

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Air Improve are Air Conditioning specialists covering a range of locations surrounding the Winchester  and Hampshire area. Our Winchester branch can be contacted here, or you can call for more information on 01752 769 000 and you can call us for a free quote. We can also provide Air Conditioning services for surrounding areas, such as Southampton.  Other services we provide are the Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning, and also Ventilation.

1b766d73547e7f0ed4cc4a5c6f53fe56Defined simply, Air Conditioning is the cooling and heating of indoor air for comfort. It’s mainly seen in the office and workplace due to the closed quarter nature of the working environment where it become either too cold or too hot, this is where Air Conditioning is perfect for restoring balance and producing a comforting and natural environment. Air Conditioning is specifically designed to regulate the temperature and humidity within a closed area that otherwise suffers from an uncomfortable working environment. Air Conditioning, or Air Con, doesn’t only refer to cooling areas, but can be used for heating. It depends on the necessary requirements and Air Conditioning is suitable for a variety of environments, depending on the chosen system – their are many types and it’s important to understand and find the one that is right for you.

As soon as you know what type of Air Conditioning you’re looking for, Air Improve can carry out the Installation for you, saving you the time and hassle. We install many types of Air Conditioning throughout Winchester and Hampshire, so we have years of experience in the field concerning all areas and types of Air Conditioning systems. As previously mentioned, the type of Air Conditioning is an important factor when choosing as it needs to be suitable for your environmental use, but other considerations include the frequency of use.

Adding to our range of services and desire to make sure every customer gets the best out of their Air Conditioning is our Maintenance services. Maintenance is vital to maintaining the quality of your system and shouldn’t be overlooked. Prolonging your Air Con system not only improves performance but it will last longer and you’ll gain more value from the system. It’s cheaper, too, because it can prevent future repairs.

75174fc2eb3723bf39472934e0b97fa41Air Improve also offer a Ventilation service. Ventilation is the circulation of air, and small environments that have high humidity can be uncomfortable without a ventilation system in place. And especially with restaurants and kitchens ventilation is a very important factor. Not only is ventilation a matter of health and safety within a closed airspace, but it also protects and prolongs the environment that would otherwise suffer from damp and deterioration. People often find it uncomfortable and difficult to work within or occupy an enclosed space that lacks ventilation, so it has the added benefit of improving work efficiency because the environment is improved to a comforting level. You’ll also find ventilation common in storerooms where the preservation of food and products is necessary. Other environments where ventilation is useful are battery rooms, which require ventilation systems to prevent the build-up of other gases and maintain the temperature that protects the life of the batteries in storage.

Air Conditioning are continuously growing having previously worked with major clients. With all the services on offer you needn’t go anywhere else for you Air Conditioning requirements in the South West. If you would like to know all about our services in more detail you can contact us here.