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Installation of a system is not as simple as screwing the internal unit to the wall and finding a space to put the external unit, then joining the two together with pipework, although sometimes we wish it was!

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Once a system is designed and the client is happy to proceed, Air Improve Limited can begin the process of installing the equipment. We install all types of air conditioning and ventilation systems throughout the whole of the UK.

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Maintenance is a vital tool in prolonging the life and efficiency of your air conditioning equipment.

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We like to think that if you have your equipment regularly serviced, the system stands an increased chance of performing to its highest efficiency without any problems. However, we are dealing with technology and we all know technology sometimes doesn’t want to work the way we would like it to.

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Ductwork design and installation can be provided as part of our air conditioning design or as a separate ventilation system.

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Electrical Services

Air Improve employ sub-contracted fully qualified electricians to assist with the installation process. However, we appreciate that some clients prefer to use their own electricians and Air Improve will always try to accommodate these requests.

Commissioning Services

Air Improve commission all their air conditioning in accordance with BESA practices and provide documentation on completion. We can undertake separate independent commissioning of equipment should you require for installations carried out by other firms.

Air Conditioning Running Costs

The one factor that may prevent you from installing an air conditioning unit is how much it costs. Sure, it might mean a perfectly cool home amid summer, but how much will it really set you back?

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