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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Services

We like to think that if you have your equipment regularly serviced, the system stands an increased chance of performing to its highest efficiency without any problems. However, we are dealing with technology and we all know technology sometimes doesn’t want to work the way we would like it to. Air Improve Limited has a dedicated breakdown team who are always on hand to make sure that if your air conditioning equipment is playing up, it will be repaired and back performing how it should be in no time.

Many other air conditioning companies incorporate their breakdown cover in the cost of their maintenance contract. However, Air Improve do not believe we should be charging for something the client may not actually need or benefit from, so we keep our proactive (maintenance) and reactive (breakdowns or repairs) cover separate. This way our services are as transparent as possible and you know there are no hidden costs or charges in which you incur for something you do not receive. What’s more, Air Improve always keep warranty details of the systems they install, and where possible we will always try to get the warranty information of those we don’t install too, to make sure you will not have to pay for something you are covered for.

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