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Air Source Heat Pumps vs Ground Source Heat Pumps

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Air Source Heat Pump Installed in Plymouth.Air Improve are air conditioning installation specialists who can install heat pumps across the South of England. We install air conditioning in towns, cities and counties including Cornwall, Plymouth, Devon, Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Hampshire and London.

Heat pumps can be a great way of creating hot water at home. Depending on the type of pump, they absorb heat from the ground or the air into a fluid. Once the fluid has been heated further using a compressor, a heat exchanger will deliver the fluid’s heat to the water in your heating system. While electricity is usually considered more expensive than gas to heat the home, heat pumps can change this. Your typical electric radiator turns 1kWh into 1 unit of useful heat. A heat pump can convert the same 1kWh into 3.5 or more units of useful heat. Using heat pumps can be really efficient based on this.

The difference between using a gas boiler and a heat pump to heat the home is the temperature produced by them. In order to ensure efficient heating in the home, you must ensure your home is well insulated as heat pumps produce a lower temperature. Once you have decided to go with a heat pump, you must then decide between a ground source and an air source heat pump.


Air source heat pumps cost around 3 times less than ground source heat pumps. A lot of the cost difference comes from drilling a bore hole. You can lay the ground source heat piping horizontally but this requires a lot of space you may not have.

Land Requirements

Air source heat pumps are similar to air conditioning units seen on the side of many office buildings. The size of air source heat pump you have will depend on the size of your home and how much heat you will require. Typically, the units will be about a metre wide and a metre high with a depth of about half a metre. Ground source heat pumps offer a different kind of challenge entirely. They require buried pipes in the garden so this may be a concern already if you have no room to lay them. If you want the pipes to go vertically, the cost significantly increases and you will also need to have access for bore holing machinery which also could be an issue.


The difference in efficiency comes from how much the fluid needs to be heated before sending it around your heating system. Air source heat pumps have little trouble in the summer months with hotter air outside however they have difficulty in the winter. Ground source heat pumps don’t suffer from the same seasonal fluctuations as the temperature underground stays at around 10 Degrees Celsius.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation in Winchester.Summary

Heat pumps are a great financial investment especially if you don’t have mains gas. Although ground source heat pumps are more efficient, the initial costs and land requirements can be very difficult to meet. Air Improve recommend air source heat pumps for our customers. Air Improve can install air source heat pumps in Devon and Hampshire including Cornwall, Plymouth, Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and London.