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Generally the construction industry has changed in recent years driven by cost and fast project turnaround to achieve a quick return on investment. Therefore quality has become watered down from ‘fit-for-purpose’ to ‘that’ll do’, with snagging left to the customer.

Buyers have become mislead, convinced that they can achieve the same levels of quality for less money. When we ask where the customer wishes to save money, they don’t want to compromise, they want the same product and service but want it cheaper. The only way to meet this expectation is to save money on the equipment, materials and the skilled staff required to provide this service.

This is not a sustainable way to ensure that we are still around to keep providing a good service, so we try not to compete purely on cost. We enjoy what we do and your installation is more than just another job. It’s a new job whereby you’ve given us the chance to impress you and deliver our best service.

Our customers recognise us as a quality company setting ourselves apart from those who strive to compete just on cost and use us because we mirror their own values.

Our honest and experienced opinions have helped our business grow over the years. The repeat business has been developed on the trust that we will deliver projects well and sort out any issues in a timely manner.  We also pride ourselves on being able to value-engineer projects to fit budgets and work out a compromise to deliver the right service at the right price.

Hopefully you will come to value our professional ability, advice, reliability and resourcefulness. All things that our ‘cheaper’ competitors do not have and the assurance that you will be treated with importance and with the utmost discretion.  We also pride ourselves on our longevity and ability to support high value projects with our own financial resources, thus protecting your interests.

Air conditioning installed in Plymouth.
Air conditioning installation in Plymouth.

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Air conditioning installation in Plymouth & Winchester.
Air conditioning maintenance in Plymouth & Winchester.
Air conditioning repair in Plymouth & Winchester.

Our engineers and staff carry Skillcards respective to their skills. We pride ourselves on our working relationships with other trades and site management and this benefits the continuity and smooth running of projects, so you can ultimately trust Air Improve to deliver what you expect.

I have operated as a professional witness and mechanical engineering consultant on occasion, as these works carried a professional fee, Air Improve Ltd. have Professional Indemnity Insurance to £1million.

Air Improve is a ‘Competent Person’ in order that we can self-certify our projects to Building Control. This requirement is now law, so if the building work is not already subject to a Building Regulations application, we can issue a controlled document to building control via BESCA detailing that the air conditioning/ventilation works comply with Part F and Part L of the Building Regulations. Many of our competitors do not have this certification, putting the onus on the main contractor, or client to submit details to building control. At the end of the day this means that the client could have problems selling or leasing the property if the authorities have not been informed. Our cost to submit the controlled document for our element of works is a very reasonable £85.00 excl.VAT per site.

Our after sales are often overlooked at the outset of tendering in favour of the cheaper installation cost. This service assists our clients to maintain the optimum performance from their equipment and uphold the manufacturers’ warranty, which in turn increases efficiency and saves money. Whilst undertaking the service our F-gas qualified engineers conduct a system refrigerant leak check, as required by law. This information is logged on a dedicated database along with the equipment details etc. to complete the f-gas log for the site.

We are also on hand to provide emergency assistance if the equipment develops a fault. We can provide a fixed service contract for the duration of the equipment warranty, which inflation proofs the cost usually for 3 years. The total cost of the 3 years maintenance is invoiced after the first maintenance visit. The first visit is usually within 6 or 12 months of installation depending on the environment where the equipment is installed.

All this helps build customer relationships and guarantees repeat business from satisfied clients. At the end of the day you want someone reliable, trustworthy and professional who can deal with any problem quickly and is totally familiar with the equipment that is being installed, guaranteeing peace-of-mind and minimum hassle, so you don’t have to chase engineers to get to site, when it suits them.

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