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Design Services

Installation of an air conditioning system is not as simple as screwing the internal unit to the wall and finding a space to put the external unit, then joining the two together with pipework, although sometimes we wish it was! Installation of an air conditioning system actually begins with designing the system. This has to be done before a quotation can be provided.

First ‘heat gain’ calculations need to be collated. ‘Heat gain’ is a term used to describe any item in the environment which gives off heat. For example, take an office; in an office you normally have people, computers, printers, monitors, fax machines etc. All of these give off heat. We also measure the size of the room and take into consideration the location and size of any windows which also have an effect on the core temperature of a room or area. This information is input into a program which then calculates the maximum heat in a room at any one time enabling us to know what size system is required to accurately cool and/or heat that area.

Then there is the problem of placing the unit in an area which is aesthetically pleasing to the client, but which also gives it the best chance of performing to its requirements. All pipework plans need to be properly drawn up along with all electrical wires, with consideration needed for existing pipework and wiring. So as you can see, the process is very intricate.