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Ductwork at Plymouth City College.Ductwork design and installation can be provided as part of our air conditioning design or as a separate ventilation system. In hot, stuffy and oppressive atmospheres work has little appeal. People need to rest more often and concentration wanders. Human relations suffer and inevitably productivity drops.

Providing sufficient ventilation in the working environment provides many benefits to enclosed buildings, including:

  • Constant supply of fresh air.
  • Dilution/Removal of fumes, odours, smoke etc.
  • Reduce the risk of airborne infection.
  • Removal of carbon dioxide and water vapour (products of respiration).
  • Providing adequate air movement for a comfortable environment one which is refreshing but not draughty.
  • Removal of excess heat.

Ductwork in Plymouth.Air Improve Limited can provide a ventilation solution to fit your buildings needs. Our Sales Engineers have vast experience in the design and installation of ventilation systems including fume removal across the breadth of industry and commerce including factories, warehouses, offices and production areas of all kinds.