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Ventilation System Installation in Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire & London.Adequate ventilation is a must given the amount of people working indoors throughout the year. We can come and install a new ventilation system for you in Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire and London. A YouGov survey commissioned by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has shown nearly 70% of workers complain about poor air quality. Workers believe there’s a negative effect on productivity, wellbeing and health. A common solution in an office is to simply open windows and let some ‘fresh air’ in from outside. However, you run the risk of letting in toxins from outdoors. We spend about 90% of our time indoors and the average person is working 212 days a year. Given that all this time is spent indoors over the course of a year, BESA is urging businesses and the general public to ensure proper, effective and well maintained ventilation systems are installed in UK offices.

Some more findings of the survey highlighted some more specific problems workers were having as a result of poor air quality:

  • 68% of office workers had problems concentrating on a monthly or more frequent basis.
  • 67% were suffering from fatigue on a monthly or more frequent basis.
  • 54% experienced decreased productivity on a monthly or more frequent basis.
  • 41% had watery or irritated eyes in the office on a monthly or more frequent basis.

Nearly 40% of the office workers attributed the above effects to poor ventilation systems. The BESA survey came about due to a report published by the Royal College of Physicians, explaining air pollution (indoors and outdoors) could be linked at least 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK. It’s vital that we start making our offices and buildings safe with adequate ventilation. Air Improve can install and maintain new ventilation systems across Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire and London. We can also carry out appraisal and modification to existing ventilation systems. We have offices in Plymouth and Winchester allowing us to reach hundreds of offices in the South of England. Contact our Plymouth or Winchester office using the links below.

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