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We have circulated our leaflet regarding Air Improve Ltd and as you maybe aware, there is a riddle on there which is as follows:

Mike, Tim & Sam are caught stealing one day, and thrown in prison. The guard decides to be generous and advises them that he will give them a riddle and the man who answers the riddle correctly will walk free. He stands Mike, Tim & Sam in a line each facing to the left and gets them to close their eyes. He then puts a hat on each of their heads. They do not know the colour of the hat on their own head, and are told they cannot move in any way, or communicate. They are informed they can only speak if they have the right answer and are given one clue; that there are only two colours, black and white and there is at least one hat of each colour.

Mike cannot see any hats, Tim can only see Mike’s hat and Sam can see Mike’s and Tim’s hat. After a few minutes, nobody had solved the riddle, until one man shouts out the correct answer. Who was it? And how did he get the correct answer?


For the answer, please highlight this text (and subsequent lines below this). The answer is written in white text.

The man who correctly identifies the colour of his hat is Tim. Tim can only see Mike’s hat is black, however, knowing Sam, who is stood behind him can see both his and Mike’s hats, then if Tim’s hat was the same colour as Mike’s hat (black) then Sam would know his hat has to be white, because there has to be at least one of each colour. Because Sam does not shout out the colour of his hat, Tim knew his hat must be a different colour to Mike’s meaning Sam was still unsure of his colour hat. So Tim knew his hat had to be the opposite colour to Mike’s hat.

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