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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Need Air Conditioning Maintenance in Devon & Hampshire?


Air Conditioning Maintenance is a vital tool in prolonging the life and efficiency of your air conditioning equipment. We find using the analogy of purchasing a car is the best way to show maintenance benefits. You wouldn’t spend a great deal of money on a new car and then never check the oil, water or tyre pressure, would you? If you did, it wouldn’t be long before the car started experiencing problems. Air conditioning is no different. In fact, to make sure the warranty (which is normally around three years with most manufacturers) is not void, you must have the equipment serviced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines at least once a year.

Regular maintenance is also not just to comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. Since the European Union’s F-gas Regulation No 842/2006 became law on 4 July 2007, anyone who operates air conditioning equipment containing more than 3kg of fluorinated greenhouse gases must have the system leak checked at least once a year. This is something that Air Improve Limited can do as part of the annual maintenance; to ensure your company is complying with the legislation.