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5 Important Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Having air conditioning inside the home or office is a blessing when summer rolls around. Even on the hottest, stickiest days, you can turn the AC up and enjoy its coolness. What happens when the AC stops running, though? What do you do if the system doesn’t seem to cool the room as it used to?

Maintaining the air conditioning system is crucial, as it ensures increased efficiency, better reliability, and lower energy bills. Without proper maintenance, you might as well not have an AC at all! Use these five important tips to ensure your air conditioning works to its full potential.

1: Clean or Replace Air Filters

The AC’s air filters quickly get clogged with dirt, which then obstructs the airflow. This, in turn, damages the system’s heat-absorbing capacity, making it less efficient. That means the AC will still use the same amount of energy without providing optimal cooling.

To avoid this, clean or replace the air filters every couple of months. Do it more often during scorching seasons, as running it for longer can cause dirt to accumulate faster.

2: Check the Condenser Unit Fan

Checking the fan is a crucial part of air conditioning maintenance. If the fan is damaged in any way, the air conditioner won’t work to its full potential.

When checking the fan, look out for chips and cracks. If you notice any damage, replace the fan as soon as possible.

3: Clean the Air Conditioner Coil

It is best to routinely clean the evaporator and condenser coil, as too much dirt and debris will reduce airflow and the AC’s cooling abilities. While the filter does its part in keeping the coil clean, it will eventually get dirty over time!

If you keep the coil outside, try to reduce the foliage surrounding it. That way, it won’t get clogged as quickly.

4: Check on the Wiring

Damaged wiring reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner. Checking on the wiring and fixing/replacing when necessary will prevent this from happening.

Before checking on the wiring, always remember to switch off the power supply. Then take the system apart and check all the wires individually, looking out for melted, burned, or broken ones. It is recommended to do this around once a year to maintain optimal performance.

5: Use an Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

There’s no denying that maintenance is a lot of work, but the good news is that you don’t have to struggle by yourself to look after it. You can turn to air improve where we offer maintenance services. There are plenty of reasons to use an air conditioning maintenance service. Use one if:

  • You’re not comfortable maintaining it yourself
  • You don’t have the time for maintenance
  • You are not sure what is wrong with your AC unit

By hiring a professional to check it out, you can ensure the system will work as effectively as possible. After all, they know what to look out for, such as refrigerant leaks and evaporator coil airflow.

Keeping on top of AC maintenance is crucial for a well-running system that keeps the place cool even on the hottest of days. Use these tips to ensure you can rely on yours.