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How Much Does It Cost to Run Air Conditioning

With the UK experiencing some of its hottest summers in recent years, more and more people have chosen to install air conditioning inside their homes and business premises. It means that instead of having only a fan to battle the scorching temperatures, they can enjoy optimal temperatures inside all summer long.

The one factor that may prevent you from installing an air conditioning unit is how much it costs. Sure, it might mean a perfectly cool home amid summer, but how much will it really set you back?

The Cost of Running Air Conditioning

While many factors go into the cost of air conditioning, Evergreen Air Conditioning shows the average costs as:

Unit Size: 2kw = Hourly Cost: 7p

Unit Size: 2.5kw = Hourly Cost: 8p

Unit Size: 3.5kw = Hourly Cost: 10p

Unit Size: 5kw = Hourly Cost: 16p

Unit Size: 7kw = Hourly Cost: 23p

Unit Size: 10kw = Hourly Cost: 38p

Remember that this is an average, and the amount may change over time. For example, you might pay more depending on your energy provider, the type of air conditioner you have, and how well you maintain the system.

Tips for Keeping Air Conditioning Costs Down

Of course, you will want to keep running costs as low as possible. Luckily, there are some simple yet effective ways to do so. Follow these tips, and your air conditioning system won’t cause an enormous rise in your energy bill.

Maintain the Air Conditioning Unit

Maintenance is essential for an efficient air conditioning unit. Without proper care, it won’t function as well as it should, meaning you will be paying for a system that doesn’t adequately cool your home. Maintain it by regularly replacing the filters, checking the wiring, and using a maintenance service when necessary.

Get a Quality Installation

The initial installation is one cost you need to factor into purchasing an air conditioning system. You might want to save money here, but it’s better long-term if you pay a little more for a quality unit. The better the air conditioning system, the more effective it will run, meaning you won’t waste energy.

Consider Size

You may waste money if you don’t consider size when installing a new air conditioner. If you plan on cooling down a small apartment, for example, you won’t need the same air conditioner that cools an entire floor of offices. Instead, choose one that fits your particular needs. After all, why pay 38p when you can pay 7p and still enjoy the cool air?

Review Consumption

Smart technology allows you to review the energy consumption of your air conditioning. Once connected to the Wi-Fi, you can check in to see how much it uses. This information will help you make better decisions when it comes to deciding when to switch it on and off. Plus, you will quickly notice if it is suddenly guzzling more energy than it should, indicating an issue with the system.

For the long, hot summer days, air conditioning makes a world of difference. How much it costs depends on several factors, though, so take the above into account before deciding on an air conditioning installation.