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Air Conditioning Southampton

Air Conditioning in Southampton

Air Improve provide Air Conditioning in Southampton, which is the cooling, heating and dehumidification of indoor air. Simply, Air Conditioning is a term that can be linked to anything that modifies the air for the required comfort.

An air conditioner, commonly known as air con is a system designed to regulate the air temperature within a specific area (used for cooling as well as heating depending on the air properties at a given time), typically using a refrigeration cycle but sometimes using evaporation, most commonly for increasing comfort through cooling in buildings and cars.

Air Improve Southampton offer a number of Air Con solutions. These are:

Air Conditioning Installation

After a client is happy with their choice of Air Conditioning, Air Improve Limited can begin the process of installing the equipment. We install all types of Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems in Southampton and throughout the whole of the UK. Each system is different to the next, and different systems can be used in a range of environments. Other factors to consider when choosing a system is the frequency of use and also what the general requirements for the system are, whether it’s to cool only, or cool and heat etc… You can view our design services here.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial in extending the life and efficiency of your Air Conditioning equipment. Not only that, a poorly maintained system is likely to suffer from problems. Maintenance is an important process in your usage of an Air Conditioning System, and it shouldn’t be overlooked.  In fact, to make sure the warranty is not void, you must have the equipment serviced as per the manufacturers guide lines at least once a year.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Improve believe that if you have your equipment regularly serviced it should increase in performance and longevity, as well as enable it to perform at its highest efficiency, which is what everybody wants. However, technology isn’t always straightforward, your system might not work the way it should, or it could encounter a future problem, leading to an eventual breakdown. Not to worry, Air Improve Limited has a breakdown team on hand in Southampton to make sure that if your Air Conditioning equipment has a problem it will be repaired and back to normal in no time.

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Apart from our three main Air Conditioning services we also offer Design, Ductwork Commissioning services and Electrical services. Visit our services page at Air Improve to find out more.